Trailing & Climbing Houseplants

These beautiful plants all have something great in common: they climb! Trailing plants like the String of Hearts and the Kolibri English Ivy look lovely hanging in baskets or sitting atop high shelves. On the other hand, the climbers work exceptionally well along trellises both indoors and outdoors. Some of our trailing houseplants, like the Spider Plant and Boston Fern, also look amazing as a groundcover since they spread so well. 

The best part about trailing plants is how easy they are to prune and propagate: trim off vines at least 3-6 inches long, and you’re set! Just make sure you use a clean, sharp pair of scissors. If you’d like to propagate these plants to either share or make your own plant look fuller, remove the bottom leaves from your vine cutting and let the trimmed parts callous over for a day. Then, dip the cut ends in your rooting hormone and stick them back in your pot.

Most houseplants require well-draining soil, so always make sure your soil mix has enough aeration and your pot has plenty of drainage. These plants also prefer bright, indirect sunlight, although some prefer medium light conditions (like the Spider Plant), and others can withstand direct light without getting burned (like Hoyas). Always read your plant’s specific care guide to best meet their needs.