Colorful Foliage Houseplants

Houseplants are usually used in interior design to add a touch of greenery to homes and offices, but they can offer more than that. There are many colorful varieties that can brighten up any living space. Let's check out our collection of bright and bold statement-foliage houseplants!

These plants are grown for their stunning, unique foliages, rather than flowers. The most striking, large, colorful leaves belong to the Calathea species. This collection includes a wide selection of Calatheas, from the dark green and purple-pink Calathea Dottie to the tropical beauty Calathea Burle Marx with artistic deep green fishbone shapes on light green leaves. We also have the popular Calathea Makoyana Peacock which features bold, decorative, feather-like markings that resemble a peacock's tail, and other exotic Calatheas.

If you like a plant with smaller, petal-like foliage, Hypoestes Phyllostachya Pink Splash or Hypoestes Phyllostachya White Splash would be your best choice. Hypoestes Phyllostachya plants have a classic elegance and make a perfect gift for any plant lover! Alternatively, you can choose Syngonium plants like Syngonium Neon Robusta or Syngonium Gold Allusion. Its luminous, vibrant foliage makes Syngonium a stunning decorative element for indoor spaces. Syngonium in Chinese Feng Shui is also considered a lucky plant that brings fortune, health, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. 

When it comes to beautiful foliages, variegated plants are always on the top sought-after list. Variegation is caused by mutations that affect chlorophyll production, causing discolorations in the leaves and stems. The discolorations create unique patterns in the foliage, making each leave stands out from the others. The options are plenty if you would love to decorate your home with a variegated plant. Ficus Ruby Pink has fiery dark-red variegated leaves, while Pothos N'Joy and Hoya Lisa Australis Lisa feature eye-catching creamy white and green foliage.

Colorful foliage plants do not require very special care, but they do need a bit more lighting than green-foliage houseplants. Similar to most indoor houseplants, colorful foliage beauties need moderate watering, well-draining rich soil,  and bright, indirect light. Their leaves are usually more sensitive to light than green foliage plants, so do not place them under intense direct sunlight (especially during the afternoon when the sun ray are the harshest). They also would need at least a couple of hours of light daily to maintain the colors in their leaves. Low light conditions can take away the variegation and colorful patterns, making their leaves dull and fading. If you notice your plant losing its color, move it to a brighter spot where it can receive lots of bright, filter lights. These plants should be fertilized once per month during the growing season (spring-summer).

Have you found a new plant friend? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing a plant suitable to your taste and living environment.