Every plant needs a home! Give your plants the stylish planter they deserve with our wide selection of planters and containers for every type of houseplant under the sun. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, you’re sure to find the perfect planter on our shelves. 

Choosing the best planter for your houseplant isn’t as easy as it seems, though– your material choices play a major role in your plant’s care needs. 

Concrete planters are incredibly porous and are great for plants that need lots of drainage. However, these planters are usually thicker and heavier than others, making them a bit harder to move around. 

On the other hand,  Terracotta planters are porous and one of the most popular pot choices. Although they don’t come in many colors, terracotta planters are a cost-effective, well-draining option for any plant parent.

Ceramic planters are another popular, well-draining option for holding your plants. These planters are usually decorated or designed in unique shapes, then fired and glazed in a kiln for a homemade, creative look. Ceramic planters lose some of their draining capabilities when glazed, as the glaze fills in some of the pot’s tiny holes.


Plastic planters are by far the most affordable pots we have. Easy to use and durable, there’s a reason rooted plants come in plastic pots, to begin with. Our plastic pots all feature a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot as well to ensure your soil drains properly.