Flowering Houseplants

If you’re looking for a splash of color to add to your home with gorgeous scents and brilliant petals, you’ve come to the right place! Our “Flowering Houseplants” collection features a wide array of houseplants with gorgeous flowers. If you’re looking for easy-care beauties, check out our Kalanchoe Calandiva collection.  For a bit more of a unique challenge, Hoya Australis Lisa and Hoya Pubicalyx Pink Silver are your perfect flowering friends.

When you first receive your flowering houseplant, it’ll be in an early life stage. Most houseplants won’t flower until they reach maturity. Maturation periods range from plant to plant, so look into your plant’s specific needs. All flowering plants bloom during their growing season when conditions are just right for the plant to reproduce. Some plants flower once right before they die. These plants are considered monocarpic. Polycarpic plants, however, flower every year without any worry of dying.

To encourage your flowering plants to bloom, slowly increase the amount of sunlight they receive, and add a little compost or fertilizer to their soil about once a week. Before you encourage your plants to bloom, always research their specific flowering requirements and whether or not a plant is monocarpic. If your houseplant doesn’t flower right away, that’s alright! For some plants, it may take a while before the environment is just right for flowering. Stay patient, and make sure you give these plants plenty of time and encouragement to show their true colors!