Benefits of Having Plants

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Benefits of Having Plants

Living in the 21st century means 85% of a person's life happens inside. And while you can remain connected to other people through the internet or in-person, what about that much-needed connection to nature? 

Houseplants have long been popular staples of personal homes, office spaces and even businesses. Decorating your home with plenty of plant life can help reduce stress, beautify your environment, and generally make life better! Here’s how:

Houseplants and Succulents: Is There a Difference?

Many plants will grow either inside or outside. What makes a plant a houseplant, specifically, is if it will grow and remain healthy indoors. So yes, all succulents are technically houseplants, however many people keep succulents in their own category because they’re just so darn special!

Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves. They often look plumped up and fleshy. These plants are trendy because they add interest to our spaces, coming in various shapes and sizes. Also, they typically do not require much maintenance. They can survive in harsh conditions and do not require frequent watering. 

Houseplants and succulents come in many different varieties and skill levels to maintain. They both offer all the benefits we’ll be covering in this post!

Benefit of having plants, houseplant benefits, indoor plant benefit, succulent and houseplant benefit
Houseplants and succulents come in many different varieties and skill levels to maintain


Home Décor

Houseplants immediately add freshness and color to your home decor! You can arrange them on bookshelves, mantels, bathroom counters, and kitchens. A plant can fit into the decor of any room in your home. When decorating with plants, you can also use decorative pots that can add pops of color or enhance any style you want to achieve. 

Benefit of having plants, houseplant benefits, indoor plant benefit, succulent and houseplant benefit
Houseplants immediately add freshness and color to your home decor
Photo by Khanh Nguyen


Wellness: Reduce Stress Level

Houseplants have the potential to reduce stress. Having plants can make you feel more comfortable, natural, and relaxed in either your home or officePsych Central reports a recent study that verified merely the sight of a plant can reduce stress levels. The study also showed that passive or active involvement with indoor plants reduced stress. Those who took an active role, caring for the plants, and those who had the plants around but played no active role both experienced reduced stress levels.



Elephant Bush, Benefit of having plants, houseplant benefits
Houseplants have the potential to reduce stress


Plants that reduce stress:

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air contains common pollutants that come from daily life. Cleaning compounds, resins on wood, gas heaters, gas stovetops, and many more common household items cause air pollutants. We don't see them and most of the time, we don't even smell them. 

Houseplants serve as pretty air purifiers, helping filter out these pollutants and providing cleaner air in our homes and offices!

Plants that improve air quality:

Productivity & Creativity Boost

Looking at nature helps the brain process and promotes relaxation and better concentration. These valuable benefits lead to more creativity and increased work efficiency. 

To experience the benefits of nature, you can take a walk outside where there are trees and plants, look at pictures of nature, or have natural elements around in the form of plants. We understand this positive effect from plants through Attention Restoration Theory. The theory is that, after draining mental energy, nature can renew attention to a task or subject. According to recent studies based on this theory, nature can include inside plants.

Plants that boost productivity & creativity:

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out some  weirder succulents, like the Pickle PlantString of Bananas, and Tiger’s Jaw Crassula!

Improve Dry Skin

Some plants can work as natural humidifiers, sprucing up your spaces and improving dry skin. They do this by adding humidity back into your home through evapotranspiration. The plants take water from the soil through the roots. It works its way through the stems and then into the leaves. When the water reaches the leaves, it evaporates into the air through pores called stomata.

Plants that humidify the air:

Health Considerations

There are several factors to consider when choosing houseplants. First, some plants are toxic to pets, others are prone to pest infestations, and some may trigger allergic reactions. While a plant may look pretty, you will want to ask questions or read about it before purchasing it for your home.

Some plants that are safe for cats and dogs are:

Pest resistant, indoor plants:

It may be hard to determine what is causing symptoms if you are experiencing them when it comes to allergies. Therefore, it is essential to consider your houseplants as a possible cause. For example, suppose you introduce a new plant and suddenly experience allergy symptoms. That is a good indicator that it may be your new plant. Otherwise, the process of elimination and seeing a healthcare provider to help you determine the cause of your allergies may be the best option.

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